Pelo 3º ano consecutivo, o sócio fundador, Dr. Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas, foi indicado na categoria Environment – Brazil e a exemplo do que ocorre desde o ano passado (quando teve início este novo ranking) integrou também a categoria General Business Law: Santa Catarina – Brazil.

Por sua vez, o escritório, pelo 2º ano consecutivo, também foi indicado na categoria General Business Law: Santa Catarina – Brazil.

Neste ano, inclusive, destacamos as menções realizadas pelos clientes e ao Dr. Marcelo e ao escritório:

Environment – Brazil

Florianópolis-based Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas is an impressive lawyer with broad experience in environmental matters such as licensing and judicial disputes involving forest regulations, protected areas, and air and water pollution. A client notes: “He is an excellent lawyer and always works to provide solutions,” with another adding: “Marcelo is a skilled professional who is great to work with.”

General Business Law: Santa Catarina – Brazil

Name partner Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas is a distinguished authority in environmental law matters, representing clients both on contentious and non-contentious issues. He is widely recognised by peers and clients, with one source praising: “In terms of environmental law, I believe there is not a lawyer in Santa Catarina as competent as him.”

Florianópolis-based Buzaglo Dantas is noted for its dedication to environmental matters. Beyond offering advisory work on licensing processes, due diligences and legal opinions, the firm is also able to act on the contentious side, including judicial, administrative and criminal cases.

One client says: “Their greatest competences are, firstly, the precision and accuracy on procedural documents. Secondly, their ability to present oral arguments and defend their thesis before the main public organs.”

Agradecemos a todos por mais este reconhecimento, que é resultado de uma dedicação diária e incansável de toda a nossa equipe no trato das questões ambientais no Brasil.